COGNISION® System Medical Necessity

The COGNISION® System is a powerful tool designed to be part of an Altered Mental Status evaluation protocol. That said, it must be used appropriately and judiciously.

​With FDA cleared portable EEG ERP technology, COGNISION® System provides individual athletes, coaches, and physicians unmatched clarity regarding the location and severity of a concussion. Real-time visual confirmation of injury and recovery promote confidence for critical return-to-play, diagnostic and care decisions. 

It is also highly likely that many local attorneys and doctors will find COGNISION® System evaluation for their clients/patients a valuable service you can perform on a referral consultation basis. This can be an excellent way to develop important and mutually beneficial new relationships.

COGNISION® System is also valuable in establishing baselines for athletes of all ages, police, firefighters, pre-employment evaluations, current patients and more.

ACOEM – American College of Occupational & Environmental Medicine – Discusses the use of Cognision type Event Related Potential (ERP), & Cognision type Audiometry for TBI Diagnosis. For more information contact MDGuidelines by Reed Group at 800-347-7443 or

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